Summer 2009 Retreat

Summer 2009 Retreat

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Journal #12 - Alan V.

Do you think that disability is more a concrete physical/mental characteristic or more a socially constructed way of classifying people? Reflect on your experience with disabilities in school. In particular, was there ever a time when you or another student was treated unfairly by a teacher or other adult because of a disability?

To classify someone as disabled has been something has been construed by society, yet I still believe that it has been based on a concrete physical/mental characteristic. The terms has been solidified in recent times to classify those individual with disability into groups that can receive special attention. Specific guidelines were constructed in order to have these individuals receive aid and which ones should not. Thus I see no problem with the term being used as long as it is being utilized to help those that have a disability. I did have a roommate for a semester who was in a wheel chair. His disability required that he have an attendant sleep overnight as he was incapable of turning sides overnight. He also required that certain food be cut for him and such. Being his roommate I helped him go about his everyday life, which made me realize the difficulties they encounter that other individuals do not. In elementary I had a fellow classmate who was missing an arm, yet he seemed to be much better at sports than most of our class. Yet I have never noticed no one be treated unfairly due to certain disabilities.

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