Summer 2009 Retreat

Summer 2009 Retreat

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Snowball activity - Disabilities Reflection

I think I got ADD because I can't go 15-30 mins without falling asleep checking facebook while studying.

I have a friend who is deaf, Sarah, and when another friend was introduced to her and heard her speak (she sounds different because she's deaf and uses a hearing aid) she made a face and almost giggled. I was embarrassed for her and could see the hurt in Sarah's eyes. This isn't about school but I'm sure it happens to deaf kids at school all the time.

There was a student in my high school class who had dyslexia, but he was the only student with a learning disability so our school didn't have any support system available for him. A lot of us used to make fun of him whenever he read aloud or wrote on the board.

At high school, 3 elevators were installed because there were 2 disabled students. They were not encouraged to play sports (physically and mentally disabled.) They all want to be treated like everyone else.

In college I took a small discussion class in which a differently-abled kid would talk a lot. He would ramble and not make sense to me a lot of the time and I would get annoyed. My professor was rude to him and the whole class would role their eyes when he spoke. I still feel haunted by the way we disrespected him.

When I was in elementary school, I used to bully students who were differently-abled. Everyone did it, so I thought I'd just hop on the bandwagon.

In my college writing class the instructor asked me if I had ever been tested for a mental disability because my writing was not up to everyone else's level in class. I felt like an idiot. Although I passed my portfolio those words still haunt me.

I am privileged to be an able-bodied person and it manifests everyday. I do not have to worry about ADA accessibility, being able to play classroom physical disabilities, or how quickly I finish my tests. In my theater class in high school, one of my friends was differently-abled. He made me realize that unlike him, I don't have to worry about whether my acting partner will feel burdened and turned off by working with me due to my physical ability.

I witnessed a disabled person be ignored. The person was on a wheel chair and didn't have any preventions to communicate. However, because he was in a wheel chair, he was ignored.

I havn't been treated differently because so far I don't think I've been labeled as differently abled so that makes me feel privileged.

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