Summer 2009 Retreat

Summer 2009 Retreat

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Born with Crack in my system I always was more hyper than the other children, loud and hated to be told what to do. I was classified as an ADHD student yet was never placed on medication because I was able to keep up with my schoolwork. I believe that disabilities are ways in which society constructs binaries between who is made to survive and who will be the weakest link. I do not believe that students with disabilities should be segregated in all of their classes unless they ask for that specifically. In my high school we did have a separate part of my school totally dedicated to the mentally disabled students and we never got to see them unless they were selling popcorn at lunch time but otherwise they never existed and we were never aware of their circumstances so understanding was lacking.

I believe a lot of teachers classify students who are just a little bit harder to handle as disabled or problem children so there is some sort of reason behind the way they are acting rather than the idea that the teacher may not be doing everything in their ability to assist the student. I remember reading an article called Naughty by nature which talked a lot about African American boys and the perceived notion that black boys are just naturally more naughty than other students and teachers have to be harsher on them to help them out. I believe a lot of teachers classify most of the these African American boys ADD or ADHD positive so that they are exempt from the blame of their unsuccessful outcome.

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