Summer 2009 Retreat

Summer 2009 Retreat

Monday, April 4, 2011

Journal 13 - Angela

From the issues brought up in the readings draw a comic (with at least 5
slides) or write a poem (on the class's blog) that addresses a problem you
could relate to your educational experience caused by lack of funding and
offer a solution (you can use one from the readings or be creative).

"Freedom Writers", a film based on a true story from an LA classroom
Best summarizes, for me, the impact of funding on educational experience
Before her, the students used old books: marked up, decrepit, low quality, second-rate
Exactly what the school administration had seen in those students: unworthy
Her attempts at change were hindered by a lack of funds
Driven by the apathy at the top
Her passion drove her to take on side jobs to fund new books, enhancement trips to museums, et cetera
Showing exactly what funding, with the correct intents and usage, could achieve

***** I apologize for my sub-par and somewhat corny poetry, everyone!

Solution: From what I understand, the current money in education is given to high-performing schools in a "race to the top". However, I believe a clause is needed in this policy that provides underserved schools with the resources necessary to pursue goals for their students that may help them improve school performance as a whole.

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