Summer 2009 Retreat

Summer 2009 Retreat

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Journal 15 Mythical NORM ...TERUKO

The mythical norm to me is just a scale that all americans try to fit into and it is a way to WEIGH privilege. Think of it this way The mythical norm for an american to really succeed and obtain the AMERICAN DREAM is a Middle class, white heterosexual christian man. The less classifications you identify with is the furthest away from the American Dream you'll be. I put this picture because it represents the idea that the American Dream is not all that obtainable and it is not all that it is squared up to be. I feel as if society proclaims that a woman who is mixed race like me, homosexual and in an impoverished state could not ever obtain the american dream.
The american dream is such a drag, especially for those people who immigrate to this country believing that they will have a better life and opportunity yet majority of the time Immigrants will take low wage jobs painting white picket fences they'll never get to own and washing glass ceilings they'll never break through. The whole reason why this norm is called MYTHICAL is the idea that it is not fully true that there is room for us to obtain this success, but unlike those who fit into this privileged category we are not as equipped for this road so we must pick up appliances and resources along the way. BUT WE CAN ACHIEVE IF WE PUT OUR MIND TO IT...lets beat oppression with its own stick!!!!!

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