Summer 2009 Retreat

Summer 2009 Retreat

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mythical Norm Journal- Fazal Mogaddedi

I'm not completely sure what characteristics make up the "mythical norm" but I'm sure they have a lot to do with race, gender, social/economic standing etc! Chris Rock once joked "Shaquille O'Neil is rich, but the white guy signing his check is wealthy." I think that one of the characteristics within' this norm is that if you're white you are at the top of the social/economic ladder and you're automatically going to get the job over a minority. I think at times that is true, but not all the time. I have thought that if I were white things would be a lot more easy, and I'd be able to get a better job, get away with more things but I know that's not true deep inside. I myself feel that I fall in the category of Immigrant-American. I come from a low income family who puts a lot of focus on education, i wasn't the most popular kid in school but I had my group of friends that i hung out with. These norms also fall into sports as well. If you're African American you're automatically supposed to be good at a sport, you're supposed to be a jock etc. These are stereotypes that have been implanted within our minds unconsciously. At the school, the athletes, tough guys were always popular and if you weren't categorized in that circle you were outcasted at times because you didn't fit the mold. i think everyone is unique in their own ways, and everyone has something different to offer the world, this mythical norm that everyone is measured up against takes away the uniqueness of the individuals and it makes people act like someone they are not just to fit in and be "normal."

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